Terms and conditions


Field of application

  1. The general terms and conditions contained herein (hereinafter: "T&Cs") are applied to all orders and purchases of clothes and accessories (hereinafter: "Products") on the websitewww.ruderiders.us.com(hereinafter: "Website") managed by DECO' SRL, via Galvani 34, 31027 Spresiano (TV) Italy, made by subjects residing in countries where the website is or will be active (hereinafter: "Customers").


  1. The customer must carefully read the T&Cs before making all purchase orders.

  2. With the acceptance of the T&Cs and placing of an order, the customer acknowledges that it:

    1. has read, understood and fully accepted the T&Cs without reserve;

    2. is a consumer wanting to purchase the Products exclusively for personal use and not for resale within the context of any commercial or business activity of any kind whatsoever;

    3. authorizes DECO' SRLto store, process, use and transfer to third parties and/or abroad, the data (personal) contained in the order for the purpose of fulfilling the same.

  3. ibox SA shall take all steps to ensure that the information contained on the website is accurate and up-to-date. However, it is not possible to offer guarantees to this effect. The customer therefore acknowledges and accepts that the Products may not be fully compliant with the indications, specifications and/or photographs on the website.


  1. The sales agreement entered into by DECO' SRL and the customer is understood as finalized once DECO' SRL sends written confirmation of the delivery to the Customer at the email address indicated by the latter on the purchase order. 

  2. DECO' SRL shall consider any change requests that it receives prior to shipment of the Products al Customer. 

  3. If a specific Product listed on the Customer's order is no longer in stock, DECO' SRL shall in no way be bound to supply the Product in question, but will only be obliged to inform the customer in advance of said circumstance. If only part of the Products indicated in the order are available, DECO' SRL will contact the Customer to ask if it intends canceling the order or is willing to receive the available items; in the latter case the Customer will only be charged for the Products it receives.

  4. In the case of credit card payments, financial information (for example the credit card number or expiry date), will be sent, using an encrypted protocol, to the payment provider used, which provide the pertinent remote payment services, in such a way that third parties may in no way access them. Furthermore, this information will never be used by the Seller for any purpose other than to complete the procedures pertinent to your purchase and for reimbursement in the event products are returned, following your right to withdrawal, or in the event, it is necessary to prevent or to report an instance of fraud to the police. DECO' SRL reserves the right not to accept Purchase Orders or Purchase Offers, or to suspend the execution of Contracts already finalized, in the event of anomalies or irregularities regarding payments. In such cases, DECO' SRL reserves the right to ask the Customer for additional information and/or to send copies of documents proving that s/he is the holder of the credit card used for the purchase. Without the documentation requested, DECO' SRL reserves the right not to accept the Purchase Order or Purchase Offer, or to cancel any Contracts already finalized; in such cases, the Customer will not be entitled to claim for damages or present any claims of any other nature. .

  5. DECO' SRL reserves the right, at its own discretion, to reduce the number of Products that can be purchased on the website.


  1. The prices of the Products, expressed in Euro, will always be the ones indicated on the invoice. DECO' SRL will, in any case, do everything in its power to ensure that the prices indicated on the website are correct and updated. 

  2. The shipping and delivery expenses are estimated during the checkout process automatically.
  3. Payment must be made by the Customer at the time of confirming the delivery, either by credit card or paypal. 


  1. The Products will be shipped to the delivery address indicated on the order by the Customer. 

  2. As a general rule, the Products will be shipped within 7 working days after confirmation of the order by DECO' SRL, nevertheless, the delivery times may vary depending on the country of destination. In the case of the delivery being delayed for reasons out of DECO' SRL control, if possible, the Customer will be notified of the new delivery date. 
  3. DECO' SRL reserves the right at its own discretion to refuse, suspend or cancel the delivery or any of its obligations deriving from the sales agreement in the case of alleged fraud, non-performance or violation by the Customer of its obligations assumed with DECO' SRL in previous orders and/or sales agreements.

Right to withdraw

  1. The customer has the right to return the Products purchased on www.ruderiders.us.com, without any penalty being charged and without need for justification, either within 14 (fourteen) working days after receipt by the Customer of the Products in question, or within the term established by the mandatory regulations applicable in the country where the Customer resides, if this is longer. 

  2. Upon receipt of the Products by DECO' SRL, the sales agreement shall be cancelled for all purposes and all the relative obligations, rights and claims shall lapse, notwithstanding the fact that if the Products returned to DECO' SRL are damaged, DECO' SRL shall be entitled to compensation for said damages with the payment already made by the Customer for the Products.

  3. Besides everything indicated above (articles 15-16), the right to withdraw is subject to the following conditions:

    1. Within and no longer than fourteen (14) working days from receiving the products, the customer  has the right to request a return (''RMA'') sending a request by email shop@ruderiders.us.com

    2. After receiving the RMA, the Products must be returned to DECO' SRL, at the Customer's risk and expense in a single delivery by courier or registered mail 2 (two) days after receipt of the RMA to the following address: DECO SRL, E-COMMERCE OFFICE VIA GALVANI 34, 310237 SPRESIANO (TV) ITALY.Should DECO' SRL not receive the returned merchandise, DECO' SRL will request the Customer to provide the proof of delivery: the delivery slip signed by the recipient of the returned package. If the Customer is unable to provide the proof of delivery, DECO' SRL cannot grant the refund of goods. .

    3. The Products that are returned must not be used, worn, or damaged;

    4. The identifying hang-tags of the Products must still be attached to the same;

    5. The Products must be returned in their original packaging, together with any accessories or instruction manuals;

  4. As soon as DECO' SRL have ascertained that the required conditions for the returns have been met, they will start the procedure for reimbursing the amount paid for the Products returned within 14 working days, irrespective of the payment method adopted by the Customer. Reimbursements will only be made to Customers who have made payments previously.

  5. In case the above-mentioned conditions are not observed, the Customer will not be entitled to any reimbursement for the amount paid to DECO' SRL. The Customer , however, will be fully entitled to pick up returned Products at the DECO' SRL Group warehouse at his or her risk and expense. If the Customer does not request the resending of the returned Products by 14 working days after receiving notice from DECO' SRL, DECO' SRL will be entitled to keep them together with the amount paid by the Customer for said Products.



  1. The website www.ruderiders.us.comand all materials contained herein such as,for example, but not limited to: text, images, photos, graphics, animations and videos are protected by copyright. All rights belong to DECO' SRL or to third parties. The copying or disclosure of any data type is not allowed without the express prior written consent of the property owner. The use of any www.ruderiders.us.com content for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.